This page may take up to 15 seconds to load….please standby. The videos shown here have been loaded onto YouTube to facilitate an easier viewing experience. It is important to mention, that I am responsible for producing my own work, as well as editing, and outputting these videos to different media sources like television, DVDs, and website development.

They each contain pre/post editing, motion effects, and any other sound, graphic or video manipulation needed. I have directed commercial productions with many people involved, as well as managing the creative process on my own.

3D Home Design & Tour

Services (Chamber of Commerce)

Testimonial Video (Dental Practice)

Conference Video (Education)

Television Commercial (Dental Practice)

Software Product Launch (Technology)

Fast-Cut Editing Sample

3D Structure Against Blue Screen

Website Video (Physical Fitness)

Example of 3D Work (part of video)

3D Video of Cookware (Features and Benefits)

Water Ionizer Product (Health)

Product Launch

Product Video (Education)

Testimonial Video (Academy)

DVD Menu Interface Design Sample

Cloud Computing

3D DNA Structure Sample